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Yearly reporting and projects on the ground drive sustainable action


SIFAV reporting members

Final results of the SIFAV 2020 program

Yearly reporting drives sustainable action and allows for close monitoring of progress. SIFAV 2025 will be publishing its first progress report in the second half of 2023. In the meanwhile, we share with you the main final results of the SIFAV 2020 strategy. SIFAV report 2022 to be presented for 2023

Increase to 40 partners in 2020

At the closure of the 2020 program, SIFAV counted over 40 partners (up from 29 in 2015, the start of reporting.

Increase in sustainably sourced produce

Partners’ joint efforts across global fruit and vegetable supply chains have led to a significant increase in the European market – from 50% in 2015 to 85% in 2020.

SIFAV projects cover a variety of topics with regard to sustainability

Within the SIFAV 2020 program, in total more than 40 different international projects have been implemented by the SIFAV partners, covering a broad variety of topics with regard to sustainability – including, for example, health and safety, block farming, good environmental agricultural practices, and gender equality.

In total more than 17 million euro was invested in these projects, including co-funding by IDH