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SIFAV kicks off groundbreaking Water Stewardship Project in Peru

Ten EU and UK retailers and traders, five Peruvian agro-exporters, three Civil Society Organizations, and the Dutch Government bundle forces to build a more resilient value chain through responsible water management in Ica, Peru.

Water is an essential resource for livelihoods and sustainable food production. Responsible water management is a priority for SIFAV and part of the aim to make fresh produce supply chains more sustainable. In the context of increasing water challenges around the world, SIFAV partners have now taken the unique step to address them collectively for the first time, through the Ica Water Stewardship Project in Peru.

Addressing water challenges collectively

“We have been working for a long time on making collective action in Ica a reality. It’s very exciting to see key players on both sides of the ocean, in Peru and in Europe, now join forces for responsible water management in the Ica catchment”, says Coen van Iwaarden, Sr. Advisor Sustainable Business from Nature’s Pride. “Together, by working with all players in the value chain, we can achieve more impact, faster.”

Simon van Meijeren, Program Advisor at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, adds: We are delighted to support this initiative and connect the ambitions of the Netherlands’ government through the Partners for Water program to drive responsible water management in Peru. Teaming up with such an important group of private sector players is exactly the public-private collaboration Partners for Water aims to foster.”

Improving the water cycle and livelihoods

After extensive research, preparation, and capacity building, the Ica catchment in Peru was selected by SIFAV partners as the first catchment for collective action (Fig. 1). The project plan contains six components and covers strengthening the catchment’s water cycle and biodiversity, reducing soil runoff, and improving the livelihoods of communities. These activities are embedded into an overall water stewardship plan for the area. The on-the-ground execution of the project is led by water experts Good Stuff International, together with XynergIca, a coalition of Peruvian agro-exporters.

A broad coalition

Many partners have come together around the Ica Water Stewardship Project providing it with a solid base for success. In addition to SIFAV and Xynergica, the UK-based Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP) along with a number of signatories have also joined. Moreover, the Netherlands’ Government program Partners for Water, the Nature’s Pride Foundation, and IDH have also provided funding, bringing a wealth of experience to the project. The partners look forward to working together on making the Ica catchment and the value chain more resilient.

You can join too

This project mitigates risk, helps comply with upcoming Due Diligence regulation, and – most importantly – shows leadership and a genuine commitment to long-term sustainability in Ica. We can bring water solutions to scale together, at a fraction of what it would cost to address water risks in your value chain on your own. It is still possible to join this project. If you’re interested, please contact the SIFAV Secretariat (Coen Frederiks, Program Manager at frederiks@idhtrade.org).


Ica Water Stewardship Project Partners